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Building a New Home in the Woods An Update on Village Projects 2017 Riverwoods Village Election Summertime at Brushwood Center Focusing on a Healthy and Native Woodland Controlling Mosquitoes While Protecting Bees

Municipal Electric Aggregation

The Village of Riverwoods voters approved a referendum allowing the Village to enter into an electricity purchasing agreement for its residential and small business customers.

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Green Power Program

All residents purchasing electricity through MC Squared are receiving savings over what they would have been paying under the current ComEd rates.

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Village-To-Resident Notification System

The Village of Riverwoods utilizes Blackboard Connect service for emergency resident notification

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Hazard Tree Survey

The Village Forester/Certified Arborist has completed the Hazard Tree Survey. Our final letter with locations will be mailed NOV 11, 2016. Hazardous trees must be removed by Jan 13, 2017. After that FINAL deadline, the Village will remove remaining trees and charge-back our costs plus 10% to each resident that has not complied.

Toys for Tots

The Village of Riverwoods is doing its second annual Toys for Tots drive. The drop off dates start on November 15, 2016 - December 20, 2016. Please bring new, unwrapped gifts to our temporary Village Hall at 320 Portwine Rd. Any questions? Please call 847-945-3990. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Compost Pickup

Lakeshore Waste does have compost pickup for a nominal fee. For more info call 773-685-8811

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out an interactive tax bill to help you better understand what is included on your bill. Also, below are some of the most frequently asked questions the Treasurer's Office has received. View more on the Treasurer's Office website.

Question: I never received my tax bill. What should I do?
Answer: Call the Treasurer’s office at 847-377-2323 or print a bill on the Treasurer's Office website. Duplicate Tax Bill page.

Question: What if I have my bill, but I lost my payment stubs?
Answer: Be sure to write the parcel number on your check. You can also download a copy of your tax bill with a payment stub at the Payment Status screen.

Question: I did not live here in 2015. Why did I receive a 2015 tax bill?
Answer: The tax remains with the property regardless of ownership. To determine your liability for paying the tax, check your closing statement to see if the seller gave you credit, or contact your attorney.

Property Tax Payment Options

U.S. Mail - Mail your payment using the envelopes provided with your bill. It must be postmarked on or before the due date in order to avoid penalty. To mail in your payment, send it to the Treasurer's Office P.O. Box located in Bedford Park, IL.

Other property tax payment options include: drop box, in person at most Lake County banks, and at the Lake County Treasurer's Office, online, or by phone.

Visit the treasurer's website at for more information, including billing history, property tax exemptions, and more.

Riverwoods Celebrates Groundbreaking For A New Village Hall

Mayor Norris addressed guests at the recent groundbreaking for construction of a new village hall for the Village of Riverwoods. (The following is his address.)

Thank You Kevin and Welcome Steve

As we all know, change is inevitable.  This summer it has come to the Riverwoods Board of Trustees.

2017 Village Election Candidates Sought

On April 4, 2017, the mayor, village clerk and three trustees will be elected to the Riverwoods Village Board. These positions are for a four-year term. 

Know the Hourly Periods for Outside Water Usage

All residents should be familiar with the Village watering regulations. The following is taken directly from the Riverwoods website. 

Those Pesky Building Codes

With the start of construction of the new Village Hall I thought it would be a good time to talk a bit about one of the primary hats I wear for the Village, which is Building Official.  Most folks refer to it as building inspector. I’m surprised on those rare occasions when a contractor calls and asks what time the building official is coming out for inspection. Concrete can’t wait you know. The thick and technical and dusty dry building code books you’ve probably never read or seen, or will ever read or see, all say building official. I’m guessing the American Concrete Institute’s Publication #318 on building code requirements for structural concrete will not make it to a Riverwoods book club discussion. Building official sounds more, well, official, and in my day to day work more accurate of what really happens whether I’m on a job site or explaining over the phone the reasons why that concrete batch failed the inspection and maybe should’ve stayed at the plant until that arctic front passed safely by.

Avoid Becoming a Crime Victim

Riverwoods residents enjoy living in our unique community that was originally conceived to allow residents to live among the trees. It is a quiet and natural respite from traditional suburban living with its large heavily wooded lots accessible from private roads where some residents are able to house horses.  It is a relatively safe area with a low crime rate, but no community is immune to criminal activity. Many residents, having a false sense of security, regularly leave cars unlocked in driveways, doors to garages unlocked, and even doors to their homes unlocked.  

Fall Book Club Meeting

The Riverwoods Book Club’s 13th season will start Wednesday, September 14 at 10am when we’ll be discussing H is for Hawk, the international award winning best seller by Helen MacDonald.  

Stevenson PREP Community Education Fall/Winter Programs

The Patriot Recreation Education Program (PREP) at Stevenson High School has just released its Fall/Winter 2016 Community Education catalog, filled with fun programs for all ages. Adult classes cover a range of interests including dance & fitness, cooking, arts & photo, home & garden, computer education, and more. Amateur musicians are encouraged to check out the new Stevenson Community Orchestra! Youth programs include a variety of sports, engineering, theater performance, dance, yoga, and a new Computer Science Academy. In addition, affordable music lessons taught by highly qualified instructors are available for all ages and ability levels. Upcoming events include: 

Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods 

Brushwood Center is located inside the Edward L. Ryerson Conservation Area in Riverwoods. Tour the historic Brushwood home. Walk the miles of trails on site. See what nature has inspired in the Brushwood gallery.  Listed here are just a few of the many upcoming events.

The Des Plaines River – A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Riverwoods residents are fortunate to live close to a significant waterway that is home to a wide variety of plants and animals.  Walk along the Des Plaines River Trail and Greenway and you will see evidence of the beaver’s handiwork, footprints of deer, raccoons and coyotes in the soft mud at the river’s edge, and possibly an American toad or leopard frog as it hops across the path.  Irises bloom in the damp floodplain in spring, and owls, ducks, herons, and songbirds can be seen and heard as you walk.  Huge burr oaks, swamp oaks, silver maples, and black walnuts are among the many species of trees that flourish in this wet area.